Wholesale Voice

  • Wholesale voice service is often known as a large voice circuit offering.
  • It is a multi-circuit, high-volume phone service mainly for enterprises, large corporates and telcos.
  • Wholesale carriers offer it to other service providers to aid them with network setup and expansion.
  • Wholesale voice services are primarily used by businesses in the telecommunications industry.
  • It is mainly for those who provide local or international calling solutions.
  • KOL TELECOM SERVICES LLC., is a US based Telecom Carrier with FCC 499, 214 Telecom carrier licenses to operate as a service provider inland and international since 2008.
  • We operate in the United States of America with more that 200 active interconnects.

What is Wholesale Voice?

Businesses in the telecommunications industry use wholesale voice to provide international, long distance, toll free, DID, along with local voice services, as well as additional applications like dial-up, fax, and video conferencing. Often known as wholesale VOIP, wholesale voice is available in a variety of speeds, ranging from ISDN PRI T1 to OCx. Wholesale VoIP is regarded as a vital component of the international communications industry.


Why choose Wholesale Voice?

Supporting a blend of physical and increasingly virtualized infrastructure, as well as the administration of a variety of processes, are all part of delivering wholesale services. Wholesale carriers have expanded their services to include managed data centres, global internet connections, and co-location space. Support for cloud, software defined networking, and network function virtualization enhances the potential even more.

Wholesale carrier services would continue to evolve from standard IP transport to new service enablement, which would include the idea of cPaaS. (communications platform as a service). Similarly, these carriers have installed end-to-end core IP networks around the world and are leveraging new technologies and platforms to design and provide services that are far more cost-effective and efficient.

The growth of the Telecom business in the region is predicted to boost broadband and mobile service penetration rates across the board, affecting all aspects of society. This tendency will be a primary driver of the region's wholesale voice carrier business in the coming years.

What are the essential features of our Wholesale Voice ?

  • Multiple Protocols supported – (SIP/H323)
  • Compatible with all major Voice codecs - (G729/G723/G711/GSM)
  • Worldwide connections through reliable Tier 1, Tier 2 partners
  • Stability of network and voice quality with high ACD, ASR and low PDD
  • 24/7 support by technical team and surveillance
  • Highly Competitive rates for worldwide AZ destinations
  • Special wholesale and reseller panel to keep a constant check on your business (features like customers call flow, ability to keep a check on the minutes used, instant renewal of minutes etc)

By delivering quality and consistent voice worldwide at competitive prices, our goal is to offer our clients the most flexible and reliable communication services that lower your termination costs and increase profit margins.


What are the routes we offer for Wholesale Voice ?

Direct connections assure a great degree of reliability with a very high ASR and ACD and equally high network efficiency.

1) Direct Routes (Gold)

Direct Routes delivers calls worldwide with an intelligent network that connects directly to Tier 1 carriers all around the world. Offering competitive rates and superior quality calls, our direct route services facilitate you to connect your gateway, gatekeeper based soft switch with our system, which has routes with over 100 carriers around the world. In some of the destinations we can offer Open RTP on a separate product to ensure reliability.

2) Cost effective Routes (Silver)

Any large and medium-scale business entity or corporate house can opt for our route to experience the joy of making local, national and international calls at reasonable rates. With our Silver offering, businesses enjoy hassle-free communication as we take measures to consistently monitor the traffic on our wholesale ring and ensure that connected VoIP carriers are being offered the highest quality of wholesale carrier services. We do offer CC routes for those who are interested additionally.

What are the minimum requirements to qualify for Wholesale Voice Connect ?

Our premium Wholesale Voice Termination services are all available at a minimum payment of $500.
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