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ECHT – a Business Instant Messaging solution

Today’s world demands instant messaging connectivity for not just personal needs but for businesses as well. Using a customer-preferred channel, like WhatsApp, Instagram or Viber, you can interact with your customers at their convenience. This makes them more likely to see your messages, read the content, and further interact with your business.


ECHT ChatCenter

Customer support doesn't always need to be complicated. Use our ECHT ChatCenter, a simple yet powerful web-based omnichannel support platform to manage all customer conversations in one place.

Why does your business need ECHT services?
With over 390 million users, people are constantly exchanging information and communicating with the rest of the world. To tap into this goldmine of a market, is not only a smart move, but also indispensable for success. At KOL, we provide you the tools to connect to WhatsApp/Viber/Instagram/Telegram via an in-house ECHT ChatCenter which offers a host of services.

How can our ECHT ChatCenter services help your business?
By combining our Chat services with your business’s WhatsApp/ Viber/ Instagram/ Telegram, you will be able to access the most out of existing messenger services.

  • 1. Higher Reliability - Customers can verify reliability of the business once he has authenticated his entity with the brand and his legal documents to obtain brand identity online. Our professional team will help you in setup.
  • 2. Contact Classification - All the customers can be sorted into various groups and personalised content for each category can be delivered at minimal effort.
  • 3. Instantaneous Statistics - Business houses can analyse metrics related to performance in real time. This helps to monitor the reach and alter content to increase product appeal.
  • 4. International Connection - Unlike SMS, which has additional charges for international communication, ECHT connects you across the Globe.
  • 5. Professionalism and Innovation – ECHT is the novel approach to boosting your brand. It not only makes business communication easy but also makes your establishment be professional and smart.
  • 6. Futuristic Set-Up - Being an up-and-coming service, ECHT is the latest addition to businesses. Integrating business solutions with omni-channel ChatCenter will surely help amp up your business game.

How can our ECHT services provide you the edge?

Quick Notifications
Alert the customers in a combination of texts, emojis, pictures, videos and links, as per your desires.

Service and Support
Provide your customers with immediate assistance with predefined responses and using our intelligent chat solutions.

Access Tokens
Send access tokens for login and password change using ECHT ChatCentre and monitor whether it was accessed by them.

Real-Time Updates
ECHT is the most appropriate platform to convey various sorts of business information pertaining to logistics, appointments, offers and deadlines.

Lead Qualification
ECHT identifies the most viable consumers by asking pertinent questions and focussing the business’s efforts in the most feasible direction.

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