What are IT Managed Services?

  • External Service providers undertake to manage the IT services of an organization.
  • It is a way of lightening the workload, supporting or substituting in-house teams.
  • It differs from traditional IT services in the fact that the latter acts as technology consultants to their clients in terms of IT implementation rather than being a mere on-demand service provider.
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What does your business have to gain from utilizing our IT Managed Services?

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KOL Telecom’s precisely Managed IT Services are a boon to its users cause:

  • Decreased Downtime Needs
  • Estimable Cost Savings Reductions
  • Enhanced Safety and Security
  • Proactive IT Issues Approach
  • Ultra Modern Technology and Information
  • Reduced pressure on Existing Staff
  • Requirement for Internal IT Team avoidable
  • Expanded Accessibility to Cloud Services
  • Remote Handling of IT Issues

What does our IT Managed Services include?

Networks and Infrastructure
Used mainly for high-performance, secure and cost-effective networking, they primarily remove the cost of supporting a data center from your organization. Under a Service Level Agreement (SLA), an MSP will provide managed hosting and storage services themselves. In addition, managed Wide Area Networks (WAN’s), Local-Area Network (LAN), managed gateways and automated network support diminish the overall ownership costs incurred.

Security Services
IT managed solutions ranging from antivirus, malware protection, patch management and a variety of other security updates are all completely provided remotely. Managed security services are often utilized to function as an anti-malware software, for patching and maintenance and to ensure application compatibility.

Managed Support Services
A managed support service enables each staff member to make contact with a remote help center for guidance, advice and to fix any given problem. Based on the SLA, Support services range in levels but the scope generally includes help with computer desktop programs and dealing with hardware and software issues. The aim of an MSP is to manage applications remotely while assuring your organisation’s downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Managed Communications Services
At no remarkable costs, Managed communication services enable synergy all-round the organization. It bridges data, voice services onto the same IP network and also includes a managed contact center. This uses a combination of traditional call center features, equipped with integrated email,phone, web, fax, instant messaging and other forms of customer contact.

Managed Wireless and Mobile Computing Services
Making the management of hosting and storage wireless allows excellent savings owing to the lack of physical implementation. Present-day’s business requirements make mobile devices crucial to the staff and management of any company. Our services make it possible to integrate mobile software services in a manner that enables the entire company to connect to the network from any location. Complete team synchronicity is the result.

Managed Cloud Infrastructure Services
Looking after a client’s computing, networks, operating systems and storage has never been easier. With tools, databases and platforms entirely incorporated, Cloud-based models are tailor-made to suit the needs and suitability of every unique client.

Let us manage your IT Services and enjoy complete peace of mind. We’re just one step away.

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