Are you a professional ready to graduate from free email offerings, present a unique professional address, and exert more control over your business communications? KOL can offer you just the right assistance in setting up professional email and calendar tools not forgetting notes, mobile integration and a lot more. Our efficient, economical and experienced services are just what you are looking for in a hybrid environment where you can have Office365 services and POP/IMAP email under the same domain.

In the new era of communications, emails are a must have for both individuals and businesses alike. Everyone understands that free emails are in plenty like Gmail or Outlook being the common, yet if you are a serious business entity which wants to take on the world, a free email won’t be considered as serious. Hence your own domain name and email hosted on the domain in a must have for your business. We can satisfy those needs with Hosted Exchange, Google Apps, POP/IMAP or hybrid hosting according to your needs.


What is Mail Hosting?

  • In Mail Hosting, a provider makes an email box and mobilizes space on a server.
  • This enables clients to host their data on the server.
  • The emails are routed to a laptop or mobile phone through push technology.

What’s more, access to emails, address book, task management, and documents is made possible from wherever, whenever and however.

How can mail hosting add value to your business?

  • Professional – Owning a tailor-made email creates qualified and expert impressions for your company.
  • Security – All business communications can happen with no third-party interference and utmost security is a given for all valuable information.
  • Safety – KOL’s services guarantee freedom for never-ending spam and protection from viruses.
  • Accessibility – Business communication can be reached out to anywhere and anytime using any preferred device.
  • Competitive – A range of features such as email archiving, updated MS Office licensing makes mail hosting an upgrade into big-league tech.

Why choose KOL Telecom?

  • Efficient – Our reliable team is equipped to cater to any professional business or individual - big or small, just the right service that will serve their purpose.
  • Experienced – With over 10 years of experience, KOL offers tried-and-tested means that have proven dependable over and over.
  • Economical – Our competitive pricing will enable you to enjoy expert tools at minimum costs.

We’re here to assist you.

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