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  • MBlastr is a cloud based cPaaS solution for India.
  • It can be used to promote quality interactions with customers.
  • It enables independent digital promotions, customer service, follow-ups and also functions as an authentication accessory.

Why do you need mBlastr for your Business?

Every business entity has a number of customers, but reaching out to them has always been a challenge. MBlastr can provide you with software and integrated-communications solutions to effortlessly venture out to your business needs, rather than spending time learning or researching on how to connect with the target market via Voice and messaging with the right tools. It can lift your company’s image from a traditional business to a contemporary enterprise that caters to every customer’s unique needs and enables personalised experience. What’s more, it also caters to the specific needs of the Indian customer, tailor-made exclusively for the country.


    What can mBlastr do for you?

  • Launch product announcements
  • Monitor customer feedbacks or surveys
  • Schedule appointments/payment/confirmations/reminders
  • Send gratitude messages and seasonal greetings
  • Verify client mobile number using 2-way authentication
  • Create innovative landing pages in no time

How does mBlastr work?

MBlastr is a practical software that can be integrated seamlessly into any legacy system using API’s. Once our team completes the setups internally and shares the API parameters, the clients can function independently, with no need to login to our system.

Company-customer interactions can now effortlessly take place through both Voice and SMS platforms. This efficiently functions as a two-way system as the call-back solutions enable any client to reach out to the business, whenever any assistance is required.


How do we deliver mBlastr?

Our professional support team will train and equip you to run the software 24/7 and to make the most out of MBlastr. They will also provide assistance in identifying client needs and formulation of effective solutions, via our software services and also to adhere to the legislations for messaging.

Even after the initial set-up is done, our efficient service team will help you to operate and grow successfully. Our team is always on hand to help with anything you need regarding our service. In India, we also assist businesses to acquire DLT approvals for their campaign, enabling them to work effortlessly.

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