That’s where DIDs can help you

Ever felt the need to have a US phone number for yourself? Wanted to have a Whatsapp/Viber/Instagram registered without using your own number? That’s where DIDs can help you.

What are DID Numbers?
  • DID (Direct Inward Dialling) Numbers are local telephone numbers.
  • They consist of a large voice circuit or multiple circuits.
  • It can be used to route inbound calls directly to particular contacts within a company.
  • It eliminates the need for extra physical phone lines.
  • Callers are no longer necessary to be routed through menu options.

Why does your business need a DID number?

Possessing a DID number can benefit a company/individual in a multitude of ways:

  • DID number is compatible for both live direct voice connections as well as for fax and voicemail. Current technology has made it suitable for Instant messaging too.
  • Any caller can be connected to the appropriate contact automatically without an intermediary.
  • By enabling customers to contact the business houses at local call rates, it provides a local presence and increases accessibility. For instance, a person can have a US or UK Number routed to his own Mobile (extra tariffs may apply), IP Phone or a Softphone.
  • Companies with multiple international locations can greatly cut costs by making use of a DID number.

Why choose KOL Telecom for your DID number services?

  • Expertise – As pioneers in the field, KOL Telecom can offer you extensive knowledge and superior service.
  • Global Connect – As an accredited carrier, KOL Telecom possesses licensed connectivity to directly provide virtual numbers.
  • Assistance – Our professional team is committed to ensuring that any needs that the client has is serviced to at the earliest and in the most satisfying manner possible.
  • Reliability – With the best technology and a highly proficient team, KOL Telecom offers you the most reliable service.

Let us guide you to see whether DID numbers are the right fit for your business. Get to us.

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