What is IP-PBX?

  • IP-PBX denotes Internet Protocol-Private Branch Exchange.
  • It is a telecommunication device that acts as the central switching system.
  • It is for phone calls within a business working on an IP based infrastructure.
  • It is used to oversee the outgoing and incoming calls across its telephone network.
  • It may or may not be using an internet connection.

How does an IP PBX work?

  • We will provide a set of credentials for one or more SIP trunking accounts, as required.
  • On authentication, incoming calls are presented to the PBX to be accepted.
  • The PBX functions independently to determine whether the calls are to be handled internally or relayed over to the PSTN/SIP Trunk.
  • Once authenticated, users can also reach an outside phone line by way of your SIP trunk automatically.

Why should businesses deploy IP PBX?

  • Cloud-based reliability - Connecting your existing PBX to cloud ensures that VoIP service will have multiple data centres for dependable performance. Even if your PBX goes down, they can route calls elsewhere.
  • Preserve existing hardware – The ability to retain existing hardware enables to reduce costs and, at the same time, increase productivity.
  • Negligible alteration - Change can be intimidating to any business. With minimal configuration, SIP trunking can scale up the number of voice channels.
  • Extended PBX – In the case that the business is already accustomed with PBX phone systems, IP PBX will be a wise choice to upgrade the prevailing systems
  • Lower communication costs – Offering both metered and unmetered trunking services, KOL can offer internet-connected PBXs to provide unmatched and competitive rates.
  • Softphone Option - Allowing you to make and receive phone calls over an internet connection without needing designated physical hardware, softphones can be installed on desktops and mobile devices.

What advantage does an IP PBX offer you?

Voice over Internet Protocol powers both SIP Trunking and IP-PBX Systems. While both options are substantially better than analog POTS lines, an IP PBX server seems less expensive, scalable and futuristic. IP-PBXs lets a business take advantage of new communication features in no time. In the event that a business needs to expand its customer support team, VoIP service providers can deliver a full-featured voice solution. This way, the business is enabled to focus on their business and not on configuring an IP-PBX server.


How will we help you?

At KOL Telecom, we offer two options to work with IP PBX:

  • 1. Hosted IP-PBX (Cloud Based) - This is a one-time installation service wherein our team will provide and train the in-house staff to handle the system. No on-premise PBX is fixed. All that it requires is a reliable hardware IP-Phone/SoftPhone and broadband internet connection.
  • 2. On-premise IP-PBX - In this mode, our executives will continue to update, take back-ups and maintain the servers. This hassle-free option is available in India and UAE currently.

Our executives are here to help you figure out the suitability of these tools for your business. Reach Us

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