What is SMS?

  • Short Message Service (SMS) is an excellent way to communicate with customers with simple and straightforward content.
  • It is one of the earlier communication technologies that is still in major popularity.
  • It owes its permanence to its speedy delivery, low costs and high impact rates.
  • SMS is becoming increasingly strategic in the automation of communications for small, medium and large companies.
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Why use SMS for your business?

Choosing to send an SMS has great benefits:

  • Adherence: on average, 98% of SMS are opened
  • Efficiency: 90% of messages are read in less than 3 minutes (in comparison to 22% of emails)
  • Low cost: cheaper than most media
  • Agility: send bulk messages in a few minutes
  • Democratic: SMS is for everyone
  • Accessible: there are more cell phones than inhabitants in the world.
  • Reach: messages delivered even if your customers don't have an internet connection
  • Ease: just enter your contacts to send SMS
  • Integrations: made simple via API

How does SMS work?

An SMS can be created in a few trouble-free steps. First, an engaging and persuasive message of not more than 160 characters is typed down. The message is then sent and recipients can read it almost instantly.

At KOL Telecom, we also provide our customers with a multitude of specialisation options like Flash SMS, Sender ID, Company Short Code, Long (Concatenated) messages, Verified SMS, International Services and so much more. This way, we aim to cater to every unique business requirement.

What are our offers to enable more functionality in your SMS?

Bulk Shipping Send large volumes of SMS from one file using our numerous file layouts available.

Pre-formatted Messages Streamline the sending of your SMSs using pre-formatted messages as needed. Create reminder shots, send medicine, job interviews among so many options. You can also create your own layouts.

Scheduling Messages Choose the exact time to shoot out your SMS. Schedule for some time the next day and also split your SMSs in batches, as and when needed.

Blocked-list management Manage your Blocked-lists using the (MO) option by making Opt-In and Opt-Out available in your marketing messages.

Easy Monitoring Our monitoring system also helps you to make out the transference and success rates of your campaigns. This way any improvements can be done effortlessly and in real-time.

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