What is RCS?

  • Rich Communication Services (RCS) is the latest standard in the messaging industry.
  • RCS enables us to send text, audio, video emojis, clickable buttons and photo messages.
  • Interactive dialogues can also be built.
  • A survey showed that 80% of consumers see RCS as a good channel for communication.
  • It has been found that more than 70% say the tool makes it more likely they want to communicate with a brand.

How to send an RCS?

The sender first comes up with an appealing message, that can include text, audios, pictures and videos. The drafted message is then sent across to all the desired clients. The message reaches all android users on their messages app and is read almost instantaneously. If integrated, the recipient can also verify the genuineness of the sender, their location, contact details, website and pictures, making it one of the most effective advertisement campaign strategies.


How is RCS smarter than SMS?

  • Smart delivery - The compatibility of the user’s device is monitored before the message is sent across. If compatibility is not available, the message will be sent across as a normal message without any verification symbols.
  • Brand Verification – To enable RCS, the company is required to complete a verification process with Google. This ensures authenticity and consumers are more likely to initiate contact.
  • Instantaneous Data – The sender can access all information pertaining to the delivery, reading and reach of their campaigns.
  • Unlimited Characters – Unlike a traditional SMS which limits the message to 160 characters, RCS offers limitless content capacities.
  • Brand Identity – Users are provided with the opportunity to configure their own brand name, logo and description to boost brand identity.

What can RCS add to my business?

Rich Cards RCS enables you to send high-resolution photos, button cards, videos, GIFs, emojis, audio and image carousels effortlessly.

Suggested answers The receiver can interact just by replying with the buttons representing pre-set answers. The answers are easy to load into a database and has higher precision.

Suggested actions Options like downloading an app, making a call, adding an event to the calendar and sharing a location can also be integrated with any RCS. This provides a truly rich Android-like experience to the user.

What is the ‘Automation’ feature all about ? Many automated flows for standard processes can be easily created and thus aids us in saving valuable time. Automation is most commonly used to:

  • Schedule interactive conversation settings
  • Purchase Notice
  • Send delivery tracking and updates
  • Deliver invoices
  • Confirm appointments
  • Reset passwords
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Suspicious movement alert
  • Engagement
  • Sending coupons and inserting buttons for purchase
  • Convey cart abandonment alert
  • Notify about new offers, promotions and products
  • NPS Collection
  • Evaluate attendance or products

How can RCS benefit you in the long run?

Relationship Customers are inspired to build a long-lasting relationship owing to the company’s efficient use of RCS in establishing communication and marking their authenticity.

Confidence The various screening measures, like Google’s brand verification, ensures that the customers are able to verify the legitimacy of the sender and know that it is not ‘just another phishing scam.

More accurate metrics Understand the interaction of users, the effectiveness of their communication and apply the learning in the form of improvement in the next communications.

Experience of an app The features allow an experience similar to an app but without the need to develop or maintain an app.

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