Mobile Number Portability

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) comprises a series of technologies, agreements and a protocol that allows network users to switch between carriers while retaining their mobile phone numbers.

When to use MNP?

MNP is a relatively easy and hassle-free procedure for the end users. The behind-the-screen work that a Telecom service provider, SMS aggregators, mobile payment, mobile top-up companies, VoIP providers relies on them being capable of identifying the exact mobile network operator (MNO). This process, however, has become increasingly complicated since the execution of MNP. The solution to getting around this is what our MNP lookup offers.


Why MNP?

  • Highly Cost-Effective
    MNP provides a more affordable alternative to HLR lookup queries, if the aim is to obtain information about the current MCCMNC and original and current networks of a mobile phone number.
  • Service-level improvements
    Direct routing over using multiple intermediaries eliminates any associated delays and provides effortless service.
  • Sophisticated Usage
    The need to download additional apps and undergo preliminary training is eliminated in this process. MNP can directly check the status online.
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