What is VKOLU?

  • VKOLU is a technology platform (cPaaS).
  • It has an integrated Voice and Messaging solution.
  • It can function alongside a CRM software, website or app.
  • It allows an organization to automatically engage their customers world-wide through automated voice calls.
  • VKOLU offers a wide range of customized actions via a menu of choices
  • Also, it sends across IVR Campaigns and OTPs through our 200+ carrier connections worldwide.

How can VKOLU contribute to your business?

Our Outbound IVR Campaigns proactively distributes communication to customers. Through automated voice calls customers are automatically able to engage with the company through a pre-set menu of multiple, customized actions.

Protect your users from account takeovers and data theft. Secure accounts by setting up our OTP solutions via SMS or Voice at crucial points within your platform. VKOLU OTP verification service can help them achieve security without any additional associated costs. The Push OTP solution leverages out-of-band communication channels to provide a frictionless user experience around two-factor authentication with a mobile phone.

Being a platform that connects the business houses to clients all across the world, VKOLU facilitates the transmission of promotions, notifications and alerts to any customer in any nook or corner of the world. We will guide you in figuring out the country’s rules and regulations and in making the most of this service.

To engage a customer after initial contact has been made, landing pages are used as the go-to measure. A landing page is essentially any webpage that a potential client can be led to and enable pitching of a trade, some sort of special offer, piece of information or a deal. A landing page that does all that or maybe even multiple landing pages - each specialised for just the right - audience can be incorporated.

Inbound IVRs allow incoming voice dialers to navigate a phone menu and receive the right information, perform automatic transactions and lookups, and find the right person to help. Once a customer reaches out to a business, this service guides them to their desired junctures.

    What can VKOLU do for you?

  • Conduct Marketing Campaigns with Feedback
  • Deliver Critical Alerts/Reminders/Notifications
  • Conduct Surveys & Polls
  • Direct Market Research to Decode Purchasing Preferences, Habits, and Needs
  • Forward One Time Passwords (OTPs) for your Apps and Website logins
  • Create landing pages to use alongside messages.
  • Short URLs with analytics integration
  • Inbound DID numbers for your inbound campaigns which are fully user-configurable.
  • Full fledged reporting tools with analytics support

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