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An IT & Telecom Solutions Provider and Cloud Communications Platform, KOL Telecom has been successfully rendering services since 2006. We aim to provide quality service all across the globe. Our diverse product range, in addition to our skilled team, is fully-equipped to provide you with world-class services.

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KOL Telecom offers a host of products that can be hand-picked to cater to every client’s unique needs. Read more about them to discover what would be ideal for your business.

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KOL Telecom’s IT Services provide timely and adaptable solutions for your business. Give our products a glimpse to ascertain what will suit your needs.

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Our custom solutions for the host of networking activities extend services that can be altered to resolve any business challenges. Be it advertising or customer relations, we have something to suit every wish.

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WhatsApp Business API: Its features

Brands all over the world have moved to WhatsApp as a means of conducting important communication with customers. This move has made possible so many crucial and convenient processes to be available to even the smallest businesses, thereby promoting professional outlook.

Although standard WhatsApp’s services can be used for a host of tasks, businesses stand much to benefit from the company’s bespoke WhatsApp Business API. Starting from helping organize a befitting business profile to saving ‘quick replies’ for FAQs, this app has it all. Let’s quickly glance at its major features:

KOL Telecom Advantage Blog Two

Compared to traditional, expensive phone systems and on-premise VoIP solutions, KOL Telecom doesn’t require its customers to use costly equipment, phone lines, complicated installation and continual maintenance. With service and support included in one affordable monthly package, KOL-PBX, a hosted VoIP solution, uses KOL Telecom’s leading-edge technology to ensure plug and play ease of implementation and use for small and medium-sized businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

KOL Telecom offers the best service for the most affordable price. We are also leading innovators in our field and can provide tailor-made solutions for any distinctive client needs.

Kindly open up the VKOLU website and provide your requested details in the ‘Sign Up’ column.

The WhatApp for Business API allows the messenger to be integrated with chatbots and human service tools, helping large companies to connect with customers through instant notifications and personalized services, surveys and notifications

The IP PBX systems may or may not need the internet depending on certain factors. Contact us to find out what would work for your needs.

Our IT Managed Services include managed Networks and Infrastructure, Security Services, Support Services, Communications Services, Wireless and Mobile Computing Services and Cloud Infrastructure Services.

The main difference between Wholesale and Retail SMS lies in the quantity of SMS that will be required by the business. The features and rates for both will hence differ based on the same.

MBlastr is a cloud based cPaaS solution for India for promoting quality interactions with customers. It enables independent digital promotions, customer service, follow-ups and also functions as an authentication accessory.

As per TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), India's all business entities need to register with the DLT Portal. According to guidelines set by TRAI, DLT registrations are mandatory for sending bulk SMS across India. Business Entities can not send SMS in India without DLT Registration

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